We are a community of developers and technology leads dedicated to expand our clients' R&D capabilities.

We are a community of developers and technology leads dedicated to expanding our clients’ R&D capabilities.
Our software experts join forces with your team members and empower them to accomplish even the most ambitious goals.
We take full responsibility for every assignment we do, to assure our clients of effective execution of every task, process or project.

We believe in sharing knowledge with the community. For that purpose, we have established the Israeli Full Stack Developer Community, which has become one of Israel’s leading online knowledge centers for developers.
We share our knowledge and experience in many professional training and lectures and give back to the community by helping its members stay at the forefront of the most current technological knowledge.
  • 200+ Events
  • 100+ Employees
  • 250+ Projects
  • 100+ Repositories on GitHub


A leading solution provider for open-source technologies


Tikal Knowledge was founded in 1999 by Lior Kanfi as a startup company in the knowledge management domain. Our aspiration to find new ways to provide effective technological solutions led us to constantly deepen our knowledge while expanding the tools and platforms we use.

Our initial belief in sharing valuable knowledge and quality content with our community led us to decide on open sourcing our product infrastructure and become a professional service.

Open Source

We continued our journey at the beginning of the millennial filled with passion and ambition for new technologies by forming the Tikal Java and DevOps domains.

Since those early days of the internet, we have expanded our services and expertise.

Our crew has grown to become one of the most influential and leading pioneers in the Israeli open-source development scene.

Full Stack

Our unique development expertise is a direct result of the diversified challenges and tasks we have met for our clients. Alongside years of experience nurturing, sharing, training, and leading development teams worldwide.

We've added the Javascript and Android domains to enable our offer as a complete Full Stack Service.

We provide our developers an environment that sharpens their Full Stack skills on a regular basis and strengthens their ability to operate in multiple fields and platforms.

Tech Lead

We encourage our developers to sharpen their leadership skills and impact their surrounding by sharing knowledge and providing true value to colleagues and client. To better our industry and the world we live in.

Today Tikal is a true leader in the fields of DevOps, Java, Javascript, and Android, with over 120 employees that are the heart of the company.


Meet the Tikalers

A community of independent, otherish and passionate software engineers who love to code.

Tikal is an expert open-source development company, with over 120 Developers. We cover 5 domains: Frontend, Backend, Mobile and Machin Learning. Our experts join forces with our clients’ development teams, assisting them to complete complex projects.
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